ADHD Increases Substance Abuse: Family Dinners Help Keep Kids Clean

ADHD children are more prone to substance abuse, according to a new study.   The research claims that nearly one-third of the ADHD children they studied developed some form of substance abuse over the course of the 10-year study.  Even more concerning is that it seems gender, race or family history played a role in this, but “conduct disorder” (ADHD) did boosted the risk threefold, the investigators found.

What can you do to keep your teen clean?  Try having family dinners frequently. Frequent family dinners are strongly associated with teens reporting that they have good relationships with both their parents, and that their parents are good listeners.  Three-quarters of teens say that during dinner, they talk to their parents about what is happening in their lives. Teens who have these conversations with their parents say they are less likely to abuse substances because their parents would be upset. Almost three-quarters of teens surveyed think family dinners are important and most, whether they have frequent or infrequent family dinners, would like to have more dinners with their parents.

Another way to keep in touch with kids is spend quality one-on-one time playing video games. A recent study found parents enjoyed more open lines of communication with their kids when they gamed with them. In particular, this was found with teenage daughters. This may be good news for parents who are struggling to figure out ways to connect with their teens.

There are many for a teen at risk of developing a drug addiction: boys that act up in class at a young age are the most likely to experiment with drugs and alcohol in adolescence.  Awareness of what your teen is doing is one of the best preventions for substance abuse. Emotional support may be the key to keeping your teenagers drug-free.




  • Probably because all the drugs they are given, many which which are almost identical to Meth., something like %90 of people that do Meth one time Will do it again., i dont think i would have ever done it if not or Ritalin., i knew few users that didnt do ADHD drugs when they were young. kids on drugs in this country are skyrocketing. I think kids are %300 or something, more likley to take ADHD drugs on the east coast also, watch “drugging our children” its on google vids or youtube, also, the war on children, that is more about sc

  • @MichaelRajotte

    now you are right, some are almost identical to meth, but to say that is why you did if not for Ritalin? I disagree sir, I am add myself, and took ritalin, (no hyperactivity here, thats another thing not all kids are ADHD silly medical people) but I never did meth, matter of fact the only drugs I have done that aren’t prescribed are alcohol and weed.

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