A Natural Remedy for the Reproductive Blues

Procreation made existence on this planet possible.  At one time, and even still for some people, it is probably the single most important goal.  There are reality television shows based around this concept, and multiple births make front page news.  Couples want so much to have children that they turn to in vitro fertilization, but could there be a natural remedy?  According to a recently published article, aphrodisiacs may be the answer.

The Greek word aphrodisia, which means sexual pleasure, is where aphrodisiacs got their name.  They are naturally occurring plant and animal sources, and are thought to increase sexual desire, pleasure, enhance sexual performance, and aid in the proper function of both male and female sex organs.  They have two mechanisms of actions; the first is through their mood stimulating hallucinogenic properties, and the second is a more physiological role of enhancing hormones, increased blood flow and relaxing muscles.

The author admits there is a lack of human studies, but claims, based on the review of literature, common herbs and spices such as saffron, chocolate, nutmeg and ginseng have aphrodisiac properties.  If you are among the many that are having reproductive difficulties, grab a pinch of these and add some “spice” to your night.

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