6 Diet-Destroying Foods to Avoid at Holiday Parties

Christmas Weight Loss Scale

The holidays are here and you may already be feeling the holiday weight-gain guilt. We previously reported that a study found average holiday weight gain to be only 1 lb. However, the problem with this dreaded holiday pound? It”s a pound that tends to stick around, and people typically don”t lose the holiday pound they gained ever. That”s right, ten years from now you will have your 2010 holiday binge pound still stuck to your thigh. But, what if you were to gain no weight this holiday season?

Here’s the other side of the coin: Avoid these diet saboteurs during the holidays to keep the scale down:

1. Egg Nog. Enticing you with whole milk, cream, sugar, eggs and alcohol, this drink has loads of the artery-clogging saturated fat and cholesterol in the milk, cream and eggs. The sugar and alcohol help add plenty of calories, and if you get tipsy enough, you might have more than one cup. One cup is about 350 calories. Some better festive alternatives? Hot apple cider with cinnamon or hot chocolate made with skim milk. Remember though–these are still treats, not something to have every day.

2. Cheesecake. That rich and sweet taste comes with a heavy calorie price tag. Using The Cheesecake Factory’s nutritional info, a slice can cost you anywhere from 510 calories (plain) to 1,265 calories (Brownie Sundae Cheesecake)! Instead of the cheesecake opt for poached fruit, sorbets or chocolate-dipped strawberries.

3. Poultry with Skin. The skin is loaded with saturated fat. A simple way to cut fat and calories–just take off the skin.

4. Potato Latkes. Potatoes are healthy, right? http://www.phpaide.com/forum.php?langue=fr Not when fried in all that oil. Two latkes will knock you back almost 300 calories, with a lot of those calories from fat. For healthier potato latkes, use egg whites instead of whole eggs and put the latkes in the oven at 450 degree until crisp instead of frying.

5. Candied Nuts. Nuts don’t need to be fancied up with loads of sugar. Reach for the plain, unsalted nuts instead. And remember your portions–just a small handful will do the trick.

6. Spinach Dip. Just because it has a vegetable doesn”t make it healthy. Unfortunately the nutritious spinach gets pushed to the sidelines as sour cream, cheese and mayonnaise take over. Just 2 tbsp. provides 140 calories and 15 grams of fat. And let’s be honest–you’re not just having 2 tbsp. Instead dip veggies (not chips!) in salsa, hummus or black bean dip. Or, bring your own spinach dip to the party using fat-free versions of the creamy stuff. No double dipping – the calories will add up.

Happy holidays. Here”s to a thin you in the new year. For more ideas check out our article on things you can do to avoid holiday weight gain.

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