Vitamins May Shorten Women’s Lives Rather Than Lengthen Them

Vitamins are how health-conscious people usually supplement any deficiencies in their regular diet, but they may not be as healthy as some expect. In fact, according to ABC News, a study finds that vitamins may actually be to the detriment of older women.

Looking at about 40,000 women over the age of 55, the study found that vitamins did not improve older women’s health or increase their lifespan. Startingly, certain vitamins actually put women at a greater risk of dying. These vitamins with a potential negative effect include folic acid, magnesium, copper, zinc, iron, and B6.

The one kind of supplement that did appear to enhance older women’s health was calcium. Another study from this year, however, reminds you that even supplements don’t tend to offer people as much calcium as their bodies require.

While it’s premature to toss all of your vitamins out, this study is a reminder that the best way to get vitamins in your diet is to incorporate them into your diet naturally. You can reduce your supplement dependency by familiarizing yourself with foods that give you the healthy vitamins and minerals on their own.

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  • how much food should i eat to know that i have  enough vitamins that are required by the body.Because when i use vitamin E supplement my skin changes to the better.i always eat balanced diet and fruit.

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