Women’s Health: Paying Attention to Nutrition at Every Stage in Life

It’s important for everyone to watch what they eat, but when it comes to wellness and nutrition, women often have special needs of their own. Society can place more pressure on women to stay thin and youthful than it does on their male counterparts. It can be hard to sort out the conflicting information they receive regarding diet and weight. The weight loss industry advertises supplements and vitamins for women to help them stay lean. Fad diets are often accepted as the gospel of the moment only to be abandoned for something more popular later on. An industry that brings in over 40 billion dollars per year needs to be fed, and women are an easy target.

With unique health issues of their own, women need to remain savvy and pay careful attention to diet and exercise without falling prey to the hype. Any woman who has tried to lose weight or maintain a healthy exercise routine can tell you, it’s not always as easy as just paying attention to the food pyramid or taking the right nutrition supplements. A woman’s needs differ depending on her age, level of activity, health history and stage in life.

Younger women often find it naturally easier to keep off weight than older woman, though they are not necessarily eating well or taking the right vitamins for women, while older women can sometimes find it harder to maintain a healthy weight. Younger women typically tend to be more active, while older women may exercise less, eat more, or burn fewer calories. Women find that menopause often brings with it a few extra pounds and health risks, so it’s incredibly essential for them to pay attention to their nutrition as they age.

According to the Mayo Clinic, women who gain more than 20 pounds during menopause increase their risk of breast cancer by 20 percent. They also increase their risk of type 2 diabetes, high cholesterol, blood pressure, heart disease and stroke.

It’s never too late for a woman to start watching her diet and nutrition. Every woman should begin by paying careful attention to what she eats. With so many different messages about woman’s nutrition it can be difficult. Everyone should choose healthy foods, including fresh fruits, vegetables and whole grains, while avoiding fast food whenever possible, but women have additional concerns.

If a woman is active, she should take the time to research sports nutrition to make sure she is getting the proper amount of calories and nutrients to maintain her fitness level. If she is trying to lose or maintain her weight, she may want to consult with her doctor or a nutritionist to ensure she is choosing the right diet and exercise plan and following it correctly. If she is going through big life events like a pregnancy or menopause, she may want to look into additional supplements such as prenatal vitamins or a special menopause diet. It’s most important for a woman to pay attention to the particular needs of her own body when approaching a diet and nutrition plan.

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