Online Resources for Quick and Easy Vegetarian Recipes

Whether or not you”re a strict vegetarian or just someone looking to replace some of the meat in your diet with more plant-based foods, a good supply of vegetarian recipes can help keep mealtimes interesting and satisfying.

Vegetarian cooking has its own unique challenges. In order to be a healthy vegetarian you”ll need to familiarize yourself with protein sources (like tofu and beans) and explore the wide range of fruits, vegetables, and grains available. For more experienced vegetarians, quick and easy recipe resources can be helpful in trying out new cooking techniques and meal ideas.

Keep in mind that if you want your recipes to be quick and easy you should look specifically for cooking techniques that won”t take a long time. Broiling, sautéing, and steaming are very quick cooking methods and should be sought out over recipes that require baking or roasting. Another way to make sure that the recipes you select will be quick and easy it to seek out recipes that have familiar cooking techniques. For example, if you”re familiar with making a quiche, a frittata recipe won”t be out of your reach.

There are many resources online for finding recipes, but finding ones that are specifically geared toward vegetarians is better. Recipes are often categorized on large recipe sites according to their ingredients and those without meat are labeled vegetarian, which leaves the vegetarian category full of side dishes and snacks. Vegetarian entrees deserve attention, too! The following resources are dedicated databases for vegetarian recipes that you can use to find the quick and easy meals you need.

  • Recipe Archive—This resource is a community that allows members to upload recipes and pictures of their favorite vegetarian dishes. There are 31 different categories for recipes, including kid-friendly recipes, regional recipes and one labeled “quick and easy.” Each of the categories has several subcategories so you find exactly what you are looking for quickly (for example, the regional recipes category has an Indian recipes subcategory). Recipes are rated from one casino online netherlands to five stars by the community.
  • VegCooking —This vegetarian eating resource site features many recipes. The recipes are pulled together by the site”s staff and can be searched by meal type (breakfast, lunch, or dinner), cuisine, and ingredients in the dish. The recipes can”t be rated but the instructions are clear and easy to understand, unlike some problematic recipes often found in community created recipe databases. In addition to the recipes, there are also other resources on the site like “Ask the Vegan Chef,” which is helpful for new vegans.
  • Vegetarian Times Recipe DatabaseVegetarian Times is a popular print magazine that publishes recipes on a monthly basis. Recipes from past issues can be found in this comprehensive database that you can search based on your preferences. You can select the cuisine type, ingredients, member ratings, and even the season in which the dish will be served. Their detailed search form helps you find exactly what you need.
  • Mollie Katzen Online– One of the country”s leading authors of vegetarian cookbooks, Mollie Katzen offers a sampling of some of her most delicious recipes online, classified by category.  After making a few of her recipes, you”ll see why she made it into the James Beard Cookbook Hall of Fame; she has an easy, unfussy approach to cooking and an amazing knack for flavor combination.

These resources will get you on the road to exploring the many vegetarian cuisine options out there. Try some new quick and easy vegetarian recipes today!

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