Breast Cancer Prevention Tips: Eat These Superfoods

Is soy a superfood for healthy breasts? With one in eight women diagnosed with breast cancer over a lifetime, identifying foods that may help prevent such a diagnosis would be a welcome discovery. Research from Korea shows that soy just might be one of those foods.

Before you start filling your lunch plate with tofu and edamame, keep in mind that this study only showed an association between women who had breast cancer compared to those who didn’t. It does not imply cause and effect, and so can’t guarantee that a diet high in soy will prevent breast cancer.

That being said, soy definitely has a place in a healthy diet. The Okinawans are known to live longer than any other group of people in the world, and one of their main sources of protein is soy.

Along with soy, other foods that might play a helping hand in preventing breast cancer include:

  • Cruciferous veggies such as broccoli, cauliflower, collard greens and Brussels sprouts
  • Flax or sesame seeds: If you eat them ground up (instead of whole), you’ll absorb them and their powerful phytonutrient “lignans” better.
  • Avoiding alcohol: Even a small amount can raise your risk of breast cancer.
  • Use a fish oil supplement or perhaps just increase your intake of fatty fish like sardines, salmon and mackerel. If you want to use the supplement, talk to your doctor first.

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