Fat Tax: Will America Follow Denmark’s Lead?

A “fat tax” is being added to food sold in Denmark that has over 2.3 percent saturated fat. According to Boston.com, Denmark hopes that by taxing junk food, it will not only generate millions of dollars, but also reduce the amount of fat consumed by its population.

The fat tax will apply to a variety of unhealthy foods including cookies, chips, burgers, and pizza. This is not the first time Denmark has taken on fatty foods: seven years ago, the country banned foods with trans fats.

As yet another country tries to take on unhealthy diets, the question arises as to whether the United States will make a similar move down the road. Certainly, a fat tax could help to counter the country’s skyrocketing obesity rates and health care costs. However, a fat tax would face great opposition from the food industry and protectors of personal freedoms.

Another recent study showed that raising taxes on cigarettes only minimally reduces the number of smokers. Earlier this year, a nutritionist at FYI Living also weighed in on whether she thought a fat tax in the United States could be successful.


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