Ditch the Packaged Foods for Fresh Fare

When it comes to food choices, fresh is best. More research shows that the chemicals used in packaging foods, such as BPA (bisphenol A) and phthalates, are ending up in consumer’s bodies, not just the trash can. BPA has actually already been banned in Canada because of its toxicity.

The best way to avoid exposure to these chemicals is to buy fresh, unpackaged foods. Aside from that, avoid plastic and cans. Why? Think about a plastic bottle left in the sun. The heat melts the plastic and increases leaching of those chemicals into your food and drink. Here are some ways to cut down on toxin exposure:

  • Use glass or ceramic to microwave and store your food. If you absolutely must use plastic (which we don’t recommend) to store your leftovers, make sure that the food is cold or room temperature before putting it in the container.
  • Same for traveling. Bring your lunch to work in a glass container instead of plastic.
  • Use stainless steel to cook food.
  • Don’t cover anything with plastic wrap except cold foods kept in the refrigerator.
  • Choose frozen foods and soups packaged in cartons over cans.
  • Don’t reuse plastic bottles. Buy a reusable aluminum bottle instead.
  • Throw out any container with a scratch. That groove can harbor bacteria and increase the leaching of chemicals into your food or drink.

If all this makes your head spin, just keep it simple and go for fresh. Spend some quality time in the produce section at your grocery store or farmer’s market, bring your own (non-plastic) bag, and steam, roast or eat it raw. Research shows that by eliminating processed food and plastics from your daily diet for just three days, you can reduce the toxins in your body. Time to start a real detox diet!

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  • I have to disagree about microwaving. You should not microwave food at all. It is chemically altered into dangerous substances. It destroys antioxidants and alters essential and other fats as well as other things too numerous to mention here.

  • Your story is very interesting, my friends are also concerning about this topic. Your topic give me more knowledge to share with my friends. Thanks for that.

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