Breakfast May Sabotage Your Diet

Breakfast: the most important meal of the day, right? Not if it’s high in calories. While breakfast is fundamental, research found that obese people that eat a high calorie breakfast, continue to eat high calorie meals all day. Eating a big breakfast, means cutting out extra calories later in the day. More calories equals weight gain (unless exercise makes up for the extra).

Skipping breakfast is not a good plan though either. In fact, the National Weight Loss Registry reports that most people who lose weight and keep it off eat breakfast.Start your day off right. Get enough sleep. Exercise (or do it later if mornings don’t work). Have a healthy breakfast.

A giant (aka “normal size”) bagel loaded with cream cheese, a muffin (~500 calories), cheese danish, croissant, etc… will just make you crash and burn. Instead, make a quick, healthy breakfast before you leave or buy one. Check out a previous article on healthy, fiber-rich breakfasts. If cereal’s your thing, read up on great choices for you and the kids.

It’s better for digestion to sit down and eat. If that’s not happening, here are some I-don’t-have-time-for-breakfast breakfasts:

  • Fruit & Nuts: Grab whatever fruit suits your fancy and a small handful of nuts (15 almonds, 10 walnuts, 25 pistachios)
  • Greek yogurt (more protein than regular yogurt to keep you satiated). Watch out of high suger, instead add berries.
  • Whole wheat bread with a tablespoon of nut butter
  • Hard boil eggs in advance: Prepare a dozen hard boiled eggs for the week and pair it with some sliced tomatoes
  • Blend a quick smoothie with almond/soy/skim milk and 1/2 to 1 cup fruit.

Sometimes morning grogginess makes you feel like you just don’t care about your health. Remind yourself of your weight loss goals when you wake up and while getting ready for work to keep you motivated.

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