About Us

FYI Living are myth busters for health and wellness.  Until now, all the exciting research that is being done in universities and labs are being lost in obscure scientific journals accessible only to the medical community or for a high price.  FYI Living reports on the latest trends and fads in health news, then finds the science to support or debunk these theories. Our content is based exclusively on peer-reviewed research (not opinion based).  Plus, instead of just referencing the research like other news organizations, we summarize the research for our readers. Consumers can finally have the same access to information that doctors and the medical community has, but in language everyone will understand.

Founding Team
Mike Sitrin, Co-Founder
Mike is a 15-year veteran in media, publishing and consumer Internet He launched his career as the co-founder of VeloPress a cycling book publisher based in Boulder, Colorado. In 1999, Mike moved to San Francisco and joined Spinner, the first streaming radio service which was acquired by AOL. In 2004 Mike co-founded Grouper (now Crackle) one of the first Internet video networks that was acquired by Sony

Irene McGee, Co-Founder and Editor
Irene started No One’s Listening a popular radio show on new media that included guests like academic Noam Chomsky and Wikipedia founder Jimmy Wales.  She has hosted and produced radio and web shows for CBS, Microsoft, Revision3, and more. McGee has also written for various news publications and websites. Irene graduated from Georgetown and received her graduate degree in Broadcast Communication from San Francisco State University.

Josh Felser, Co-Founder and Chairman
Josh started his career in old media at News Corp after graduating from Duke and Fuqua. Josh co-founded Spinner, the first multichannel Internet music service, and in 2004 to co-founded Grouper (now Crackle), one of the first Internet video networks. Josh Felser moved on in 2009 to found Freestyle Capital a VC firm.

Investors and Advisors

David Samuel
Founding General Partner at Freestyle Capital

Jim Sandler
Sandler Foundation, Trustee

Narendra Rocherolle
Co-Founder & President, Message Bus

Ted Barnett
Co-Founder & COO, Byliner

Rich LeFurgy
Online Advertising Advisor

Ed Delfs
CRO, Dynamic Signal

Dr. Eric Sheldon, M.D.
Medical Director, Miami Research Associates

Dr. Brett Mensh, M.D. Ph.D
Physician and Researcher