Ulcerative colitis is sometimes treated with alternative methods, to mixed results. Find out if alternative medicine such as herbs and supplements are the right choices for you.

People with Crohn’s disease often try alternative treatment methods to relieve their symptoms. Watch this to learn more about the options.

Since inflammatory bowel disease can be severe, it makes sense that a person with the disease will want blackjack online to explore all possible treatments. Some people have tried unconventional relief methods such as herbs and mind-body techniques. Watch this to learn more.

Alternative treatments for depression, from reiki to nutritional supplements, can help ease depression symptoms. Could alternative treatment improve your mental health? Watch this video to see.

Another impressive perk can be added to the long list of benefits of the ancient Chinese art of tai chi: lowering risk of dementia. Frequently referred to as “mediation in motion,” tai chi uses gentle flowing movements to reduce stress and improve health. There is growing evidence that this mind-body practice aids in treating and […]

Tai chi has been called “meditation in motion.” It’s a mind, body, and spirit self-defense practice that combines controlled thinking and breathing with graceful body movements. If you’ve survived heart failure, this ancient Chinese martial art might lighten your mood according to a new study aimed at seeing if heart failure patients who practice tai chi function […]

The increasing prevalence of type 2 diabetes and obesity is a major health concern in the U.S. with more than 65 percent of American adults being obese and about 21 million diabetic. Healthcare professionals recommend mild forms of exercise to reduce the risk of vascular (blood vessel) complications of diabetes, but strenuous exercise may have […]

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While very few exercises are simultaneously aerobic and relaxing, even fewer focus your mind well enough to improve your math skills. Even if such an exercise were to exist, it would probably be extremely time-consuming, right? Not necessarily. Recent research suggests that twenty-minute workout sessions that combine yoga and tai chi can increase your heart […]