Rheumatoid arthritis can take a toll on anyone’s happiness, but it’s important to keep going and take each day at a time. Watch to learn how people with RA adapt to their disease and live a good quality of life.

Before a person with rheumatoid arthritis starts advanced therapy, they must turn to short-term ways to relieve their sometimes severe pain and fitness. Watch this to learn more about how these women with RA used anti-inflammatories and steroids to relieve symptoms.

Due to effective treatment, people with rheumatoid arthritis are no longer incapaciated– they can partake in activities they enjoy. Get introduced to 3 people who participate in a a fulfilling lifestyle, despite their RA symptoms.

Rheumatoid arthritis symptoms are managable, but not curable. That’s why they sometimes interfere with a person’s lifestyle and preferred activities. Watch this video to learn about 3 women who have had to adapt their life to their disease.