People who self harm may be experiencing severe emotional turmoil. To learn more  Our experience means we understand the swift and quiet acquisition of is paramount to building evidence and our cost effective solutions allow access to world class forensic tools for private individuals and large corporations. about why some people self harm, check […]

If your baby just won’t stop crying, he may have colic — a term for near incessant crying. But you’re not alone — up to 25% of infants have the condition. Watch this video to learn how to soothe a colickly baby.

Separation anxiety in babies may make them upset when separated from their parents. Watch this video to learn more.

Is your baby coughing or sneezing? She may have a cold. Here’s help for treating a baby’s cold with traditional medicines and easy home remedies.

Is your baby constantly crying? It can certainly make you crazy like many other parents. Check out this video for tips on how to soothe your baby in detail.

Hormones can cause pregnant women to experience mood swings and temporary cognitive changes. Watch this video on emotions and pregnancy to learn more.

Dictionary Definition of Depression

Depression impacts people worldwide, but according to a new study the wealthier, more affluent nations may be worse off emotionally. More money, more problems. Indeed, people in wealthier nations may be more prone to depression. According to a CNN report, “In face-to-face interviews, teams of researchers surveyed nationally representative samples of people in 18 countries on five […]

Tears have their place ladies, but not the bedroom. Tears have chemosignals that impact testosterone, according to recent research, and men lose a little of their libido when we cry.  The study was not conducted to prove anything about love, dating or sex. Rather, the study was conducted to find out more about the nature […]