Clearly, the onset of sexual activity cannot be blamed on one factor when so many other factors are involved. However, wouldn’t it be great to just blame media? Parents actively shielding their children from adult-oriented material on TV should relax.  Well, maybe a little. A pair of American professors reanalyzed the results of a previous study […]

Teasing, taunting, and name-calling can damage a pre-teen’s sense of self worth. Research conducted at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln indicates that overweight pre-teens are susceptible to low self-esteem and a poor body image. Overweight students are the most impacted by weight criticism, indicating higher dissatisfaction with their bodies and perceiving themselves to be larger than […]

If your teen is like most, he or she probably spends several hours a day in cyberspace. Some teens desperately need to be online, though, which could cause problems. Teens who use the Internet in an uncontrollable manner may be more likely to become depressed than normal Web users, according to research. The recent study included 1,041 Chinese adolescents aged […]

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While some parents are concerned their teens may get hooked on drugs or alcohol, another growing concern for parents is teenage Internet addiction. A new study confirms parents have a right to worry, because there are many health and social issues for young people who spend too much time online. In fact, a new study […]

Considering that 21% of elementary school students have already consumed alcohol, it is never too soon for drug and alcohol education. Not surprisingly, media and marketing really does influence a child’s perception of drugs and alcohol. Shows and advertisements often times make drinking alcohol look glamourous, cool, and fun. A study published by the American […]


New research from Japan may help cheer up young adolescent boys dealing with symptoms of depression. In a recent article published in the Journal of the American Academy of Pediatrics, researchers found that increased intakes of fatty fish were associated with fewer depressive symptoms in teenage boys aged 12 to 15. Similar results were not seen […]

Can gender predict how vulnerable a teen might be to stress, anxiety, or depression? A new study investigates the difference between boys and girls when it comes to self-esteem and emotional states. In previous studies, teen girls have been found to experience more stress, anxiety and depression than boys do. This difference increases in middle […]

Maybe you should let your groggy teen sleep in. Better yet, maybe parents of teenagers should consider advocating a later start to the school day in general. Recent research demonstrates that just a 30 minute delay to start to the school day would be useful in improving adolescents’ physical and mental health. A team of […]