The famous 1960’s “Marshmallow Experiment” performed by Walter Mischel is a historical study about pre-school children’s ability to delay gratification. Mischel put children alone in a room with a marshmallow and promised the children a second marshmallow if they could wait patiently until he returned to the room. Sitting alone in a room with a delicious […]

A recent study found that Facebook not only enables narcissistic tendencies, it encourages them.  The study done at York University in Canada looked at 100 college-aged students, examined their personal Facebook page and rated their narcissistic tendencies.  What the researchers learned about narcissism shouldn’t surprise us but it provides interesting insight to who is using […]

You’ve had a good year; you got a bonus and a raise, so you’re so much happier, right? Well, if you’re what a recent study calls a “frustrated achiever” probably neither of those things made you any happier. A frustrated achiever is defined in the study as “an individual[s] who reports, in a given year […]

You’ve heard that laughter is the best medicine, right? Well now there is a study to back up that old adage. Researchers found that women age 60 and over can ward of depression with healthy doses of the giggles and yoga. A study published in 2011 found that “Laughter Yoga” worked as well as exercise […]


Maybe you don’t need yoga or a comedy show to boost your mood, just give yourself a few more years and you’ll cheer up naturally. The upside of growing older may be happiness. The predominant message in the media is that the younger you are, the better your life is. All the more surprising then […]

“Money, money, money” begins the theme song of Donald Trump’s show, “The Apprentice.”  It seems that we all want more of the green stuff, because we think (hope!)  it will make all of our hopes and dreams come true.  And while we push our kids to study hard and do well in school so that […]

Smiling is contagious and a great laugh can lighten the mood of the hardest personality in the room.  The question is, who do we smile at and laugh with more?  The same or opposite sex? The findings of a recent study are, in a way, surprising.  It focuses on three reasons why we smile: sexual […]

Mental illness was found to affect 38 percent of Europeans. That’s a shockingly high number. The research team arrived at the surprising figure after analyzing data from previous studies involving more than 500 million people in 27 European countries, in addition to Switzerland, Iceland and Norway. The researchers looked for more than 90 mental problems, […]