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Sleep apnea is an obstructive disorder characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing when you are asleep.  New research out today suggests sleep apnea may increase risk of dementia in elderly women. Indeed according to the study, “elderly women who began the study without dementia had 85 percent higher odds of developing mild cognitive impairment or […]

Believe it or not, if your child has been bullying others or acting aggressively, sleepiness may be part of the reason. A recent study looked at 341 children in grades two to five, most of who were from low-income households, for their sleeping habits and aggressive behavior at school. Parents and teachers completed questionnaires to indicate whether or not the children bullied […]

SpongeBob and his crazy antics may be actually hurting your child’s ability to learn. So states a study out today from Seattle Children’s Hospital published in the journal “Pediatrics.” The study found that kids who watched SpongeBob for just nine minutes, compared to either drawing or watching the slower-paced “Caillou,” scored significantly lower on mental […]


Sleep apnea may be improved by slimming down. Sleep apnea is an obstructive disorder characterized by abnormal pauses in breathing when you are asleep. It is often difficult to overcome, but researchers have identified a solution that may help: shedding some extra pounds. According to a new study, when obese men with sleep apnea were […]

To all of you pregnant and new moms out there, have you been weighing the important decision of whether or not to breastfeed your precious new arrival?  Well, researchers suggest that you shouldn’t lose any sleep over it…literally. A new study found no significant difference in the amount of sleep among moms who breastfed, formula-fed […]

Think your child is always sleeping peacefully while visions of sugarplums dance in his head? Monsters and goblins might be invading your child’s sleep more often than you realize. That’s the conclusion drawn from a German study published in 2008. The study involved 4,531 fourth graders ages 8 to 11 and their parents, in all 4,834 […]

Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy is currently the leading cause of preventable birth defects.  It increases the risk of bearing a child with lifelong physical and mental disabilities, and yet many pregnant women continue to drink. Each year, one in 750 infants born in the United States are diagnosed with fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS), a […]

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Waaaaaaaaah! Is that a fussy baby? If your little one seems to be crying all day and night, he might have colic, a condition in which babies cry excessively. Although infants will eventually outgrow colic, most parents are willing to try anything to get their baby to stop crying. If this is your case, you […]