Looking for an alternative to fish oil supplements, but still want to get extra omega 3-s?  Krill oil may be your answer.  The link between omega 3 fatty acids and cholesterol is pretty clear and the American Heart Association recommends eating two servings of fatty fish a week to get your omega 3s. However, new […]

Heart attacks affect more than one million Americans a year, and a surprising new study shows that diesel exhaust fumes from cars and trucks might be a major culprit.  The research shows that inhaling diesel exhaust can significantly raise your blood pressure.  And though diesel fuel is more common for everyday cars in Europe, most […]


Ellen DeGeneres has laughed off the chest pains that had the paramedics at her Burbank, California, TV studio. But she was smart to seek help at the sign of heaviness in her chest and shortness of breath. Heart attacks are the number one cause of death for women in the U.S. Dropping dead from a […]

While there are many advantages to being tall, such as dominating basketball games, a supermodel career and being able to reach the cookies on the top shelf, oddly you may also run the risk for developing certain types of cancers.  A new study reveals that a person’s risk of ovarian, breast, bowel and prostate cancer […]

Pulmonary embolisms, which occur when a blood clot from the legs travels up the blood stream to the lungs and causes a blockage, affects more than 600,000 Americans annually, killing 10 percent of them. Looking at the risk factors for pulmonary embolisms in a long-term study, researchers discovered that staying active could halve your chances […]

While it may seem natural to think of chest pain as a red flag for heart disease or heart attack, statistics reveal that chest pain symptoms are usually not a sign of serious impending illness. Chest pain is one of the most common complaints primary care doctors hear and they are faced with the dilemma […]

Dropping dead from a sudden heart attack is a preventable tragedy for the average woman. That’s because lifestyle plays a big role in determining which women do or don’t experience sudden fatal heart attacks. A large-scale study published in 2011 supports this claim. The study followed 81,722 female nurses who were already participants in the “Nurses […]

Psoriasis drugs not bad for your heart

Psoriasis drugs do not cause heart problems after all, reported the Journal of the American Medical Association yesterday. While it was previously believed that biologics, drugs prescribed to patients with serious cases of psoriasis, heightened the risk of heart attack and stroke, new research found no such link. This news is great for people with […]