Have you ever been in pain?  Chances are you’re wincing as you answer that question.  Pain is the most common symptom of all medical conditions.  Therefore, pain relief is not only essential for recovery but also key for keeping you sane.  We may now be able to turn to nature for help with this ubiquitous […]


Migraine headaches may be the result of cell phones, but it has nothing to do with those annoying ringtones. According to a new study, reading the small text on smartphones may be responsible for visual problems and headaches. We do so much on our cell phones: send text messages, read emails, look up driving directions, […]

Television Watching Mom and Daughter

Too much TV time may be worse for you then smoking according to research.  According to the research published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine, “Experts from the University of Queensland, in Brisbane, found that on average, every hour of television a person watches reduced the viewer’s life expectancy by almost 22 minutes.”  The […]

Dictionary Definition of Depression

Depression and risk of stroke have a surprising connection. According to research released yesterday, women who are currently depressed or have a history of depression have a 29 percent increased stroke risk. Researchers at Harvard studied 81,000 women, aged 54 to 79 for six years who were part of the Nurses’ Health Study. The reason […]

Wear tinted glasses

Migraines got you down? A stylish choice might help to reduce the pain. A new study shows that wearing tinted glasses may actually lower your susceptibility to migraines. Seeing the world through rose-colored glasses might not just mean having an optimistic outlook, but a pain-free head as well! Previous research has established that viewing busy patterns […]

Migraines may be genetic, according to a new scientific breakthrough. According to news reports, scientists from Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston say they’ve uncovered a trio of genes tied to migraines, including one that is exclusively linked to women. They found inheriting any one of the genes can increase a person’s risk of developing the […]

Do you often experience throbbing headaches that seem to be centered on your nasal passages? Don’t be quick to dismiss it as a sinus headache, though, it may be time to consider a second diagnosis — and a new treatment plan. New research uncovered that three out of five people who thought they had sinus […]

Migraine headaches may be linked to double-jointedness. It”s true, so if you have the ability to touch your toes or can tuck your feet behind your head you might want to invest in some aspirin. A recent study shows that women who are double jointed many have to deal with migraines on a far more […]