Most people are aware by now that the lack of physical activity that plagues the globe is directly related to the increase in obesity. Obesity has been linked to health problems such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.  In 2009, 200 million people were estimated to have type 2 diabetes.  According to a recent […]

A gym can be intimidating with its high-tech equipment, expensive dues and overly perky trainers. For the overweight crowd, research suggests that it may be even more difficult for them to drag themselves through the health club doors. They are more conscious of how they look compared to the younger, fitter members of the gym. […]

Have you ever seen one of those rather odd-looking boards with a ball in the middle at the gym? You wonder if they actually work and for what exactly. These instability devices are supposed to be very effective at working our core muscles. Core workouts strengthen the spine, shoulders and pelvis areas. Strong core muscles […]

Ricki Lake @ ''CNN Heroes - An All-Star Tribute''6

Dancing with the Stars’ Ricki Lake has lost 12 inches in just three weeks on the dancing show. One of her competitors Nancy Grace says she has lost at least 10 lbs. as well. Ricki Lake, who is in the throes of planning her second wedding, says she’s more excited to try on wedding gowns […]

Diabetes a concern? Maybe it’s time to start lifting those weights and incorporate more muscle-building exercises into your daily routine.  Excess body weight and a lack of exercise have long been known to contribute to insulin resistance, a condition in which the body cannot properly utilize the insulin produced in the body. More specifically, recent […]

“The Simpsons” just kicked off its 23rd season and the animated series shows no signs of slowing down.  Created in 1989 by Matt Groening, the Simpsons were originally animated shorts aired on the Tracey Ullman Show, but quickly elevated in popularity.  The entire 90s were practically synonymous with the Simpsons as the family spawned comic […]

Fibromyalgia pain treatment may be found at your local yoga studio. Oftentimes fibromyalgia pain is something people learn to have to live with and manage. It”s hard for many of us to imagine: being in near constant pain. But that”s what fibromyalgia patients suffer with and it affects 3 to 6 million people in the […]

The widespread belief that caffeine enhances physical performance and endurance during exercise appears to be yet another myth proven wrong.  To test the placebo effect of caffeine, researchers conducted a study where moderately trained male athletes were given caffeine or placebo prior to exercise tests.  During each test, the researchers measured the participants’ heart rates, perceived […]