The flu vaccine in years past has been in short supply, but this year officials are promising plentiful supplies and no shortages of the flu vaccine. Flu season is just starting with the arrival of fall, so now”s the time to go and get your flu vaccine. Everyone older than 6 months is encouraged to […]

Bird flu is on the rise yet again, according to the United Nations’ Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). Bird flu (also known as avian flu) is a virus that is common naturally in birds but can also infect humans. Since 2003, the bird flu has infected 565 people and killed 331 of them, that averages to […]


Asthma, hay fever and sinusitis symptoms can all mimic those of the common cold or flu and last for long periods of time or may even be chronic. Cough? Runny nose? Mucus in your throat? If you answered “yes” to all three, you may not know whether to reach for an allergy medication, a decongestant or […]


April showers bring May sniffles? Getting a cold or two is par for the course in winter. But it seems that this year people are getting more spring colds, at least in my neck of the woods. There”s nothing worse then curling up with a box of tissues and hot chicken soup just as the […]


Riding the bus is healthier for the environment, but is it healthy for you?  A recent study found that people who take public transportation were indeed slightly more risk for getting the flu. However, riding the bus frequently helps toughen up your immune system. The data revealed that bus and tram riders were only marginally […]


It can be a challenge to keep your kids from getting colds and flus when schools and day care centers are hot beds of germs perpetually cycling through the classroom. Is there any way to protect your little one from catching the latest virus (and keep him from bringing it home to infect the rest […]

It’s the dreaded sound of winter; it starts with just a little sniffle, and before you know it, your kid is in the midst of a full-blown cold – a coughing, sneezing, mucous-producing bundle of germs. And once one person gets it, you know the whole family is going down. Yep, school and work will be […]


Recent research has uncovered a dangerous practice: Giving infants over-the-counter (OTC) cough and cold medications. As adults, we often use OTC cold and cough syrups and pills at the first sign of a cold. We start to sniffle or our throats gets scratchy and we immediately head to the local drugstore to buy something to […]