A few prunes a day may keep the doctor away.  That is what the latest findings from Florida State University suggest when it comes to bone health and osteoporosis prevention.   Researchers discovered that postmenopausal women who consumed dried plums daily, as compared to a control group who ate dried apples daily showed an increase in […]

Have you ever been in pain?  Chances are you’re wincing as you answer that question.  Pain is the most common symptom of all medical conditions.  Therefore, pain relief is not only essential for recovery but also key for keeping you sane.  We may now be able to turn to nature for help with this ubiquitous […]

Garlic and strawberries might be a good pair to reduce your risk or slow the progression of osteoarthritis — although we wouldn’t recommend eating them at the same time. We know that being overweight and obese can increase the risk for osteoarthritis, especially of the knees and hips, but does diet itself play a role? […]


Osteoarthritis sufferers may find relief with a new method of detection.  Osteoarthritis is the most common form of joint disorder, the typical culprit being common “wear and tear,” although being overweight is also a cause.  However, a new scientific method may be available to not only detect osteoarthritis in its early stages, but hopefully prevent […]

For years, turmeric, also known as Indian saffron, has been used in Asia not only as a spice, but as a medicinal herb to help treat fevers, colds, arthritis, bronchitis, and swelling of liver and kidney. The phytochemical curcumin is responsible for the yellow color of turmeric, which belongs to the ginger family. Turns out curcumin may soon […]

Once a woman turns 30, her bones start losing calcium rather than storing it.  To avoid becoming one of the 9 million women suffering from osteoporosis, proper levels of calcium and vitamin D intake are essential.  New research found that daily intakes of less than 700 mg of calcium per day were associated with increased […]

It’s time to get spicy! A recent study found that a gel containing capsaicin (the “hot” in hot chili peppers) significantly helped reduce knee pain caused by osteoarthritis. Previous studies have found the same thing, but the concentration that they used was so high that it caused skin irritation and an unpleasant burning sensation. The […]

Arthritis treatment with dietary supplements glucosamine and chondroitin may not help. According to the CDC, an estimated 50 million Americans are living with some form of arthritis. Treatment with painkillers and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (NSAIDS) can come at a cost. While they are somewhat effective in treating the symptoms, there may be adverse effects on the digestive and […]