Fitness enthusiasts, here’s a protein to keep your eye on: Leucine. A recent study showed that a protein supplement with a higher amount of leucine might help increase muscle growth and prevent muscle breakdown. Proteins are broken down into various amino acids – you can think of them like the building blocks of protein. “Essential” […]

Energy drinks appeared on the market in 1997.  They have since gained tremendous popularity in providing energy when fatigue sets in.  Companies have marketed toward young adults with fantastic results, but do these drinks really deliver on their promise?  A recent study at Northern Kentucky University finds that they do indeed deliver on their promise, […]

If you think chugging a can of Red Bull will make you perform better as an athlete, you might want to consider a beverage change. Red Bull is a drink that mainly contains caffeine while its other ingredients include the amino acid taurine and B-vitamins. The makers of Red Bull bill it as an “energy […]

As summer approaches, running in the heat can become grueling as your endurance drops while the temperature rises. New research out of Australia proposes a simple method for increasing workout endurance on a hot day: drink a slushie first. The main factor thought to decrease endurance in the heat is the faster rise in core […]

If you want a faster reaction time, you might get it by consuming a high protein diet, a study from the University of Copenhagen finds. The research compared a diet with the amount of protein that people typically consume to a high protein diet and then compared grip strength, reaction time and the concentration of […]

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“Fat burners.” At this point, you have probably turned a skeptical eye towards, well, all of them. Hopefully we have helped you understand a little more about the essential roles both diet and exercise play in weight management. Sometimes, though, the manufacturers get tricky, turning a kernel of truth into a giant popcorn bowl of […]

Rockstar. Monster. Red Bull. That’s not a list of NFL teams, video games or rock bands, but some of the most popular energy drinks on the market. Whether to boost energy for sports, or just to get through the day after a 4-hour night of sleep, adults and kids alike are now buying these expensive […]

You may have heard that excess amounts of “free radicals” increase your risk of cell and DNA damage, or worse, your risk of cancer.  What you may not know is that overdoing it with antioxidant supplements designed to quench those free radicals may actually thwart your body’s own immune mechanisms.  When you exercise, the body […]