Chicken soup cures common cold

Remember when you had a bad cold as a kid and your mom made you chicken soup? It always made you feel better, right? Though many have chalked it up to an old wives’ tale, it turns out that there may be some science behind the soup remedy. A study published in the journal Chest […]

Onions may do more then make us cry, they may make bacteria cry too. Do you have meat in your refrigerator that is close to the “sell by” date? Put some onions on it. A from Spain examined the antioxidant and antibacterial properties of onions.  They found that both the onions themselves, and onion extract […]


Step aside vitamin C!  New research suggests that daily vitamin D supplement that may help prevent the flu, particularly in kids and teens. We know that we’re more likely to get sick in the winter, and we also know that we get vitamin D primarily from sun exposure. Is this a coincidence?  One theory behind the seasonality […]

Food addiction is real. “Hello, my name is {blank}, and I’m a food addict.” Sound far-fetched? It may not be.  A symposium aimed at deciphering the research surrounding food addiction found that consumption of certain foods (those high in sugar and fat) are more associated with “addictive behaviors” than others. Sugar leads to the release […]

Looking for an alternative to fish oil supplements, but still want to get extra omega 3-s?  Krill oil may be your answer.  The link between omega 3 fatty acids and cholesterol is pretty clear and the American Heart Association recommends eating two servings of fatty fish a week to get your omega 3s. However, new […]

The reasons to eat more fruits and vegetables and eschew meat is just mounting, folks.  Not only can a vegetarian diet improve your mood, decrease your risk of developing cancer and other chronic diseases, but now it seems that fruits and veggies, especially the highest fiber ones, are important in preventing a common digestive disease […]

Are you impulsive, depressed, anxious or feel like you just can’t get on an exercise schedule you can adhere to? If you are one of the 68 percent of Americans who are overweight or obese, and can relate to any of the above sentence, your personality can be partially what’s keeping you from maintaining a […]

vitamin E

Are you at risk for developing cardiovascular disease or of having a heart attack? Considering that more than 1 million Americans suffer heart attacks each year, I’m guessing some are saying, “Yes.” And there is one nutrient that can assist in lowering that risk: Vitamin E. A recent review focusing on a particular type of […]