quieting your noisy mind

If you have never tried to quiet your mind with meditation then you are in for a surprise: your mind is a very noisy place. Brain waves are the electrical movements in our brain, and they always happen, even when we sleep. However, the frequency range of our brain waves fluctuates. Most of us during […]

Could milk thistle prevent hangovers?

“Tis the season where so many of us tend to go overboard with drinking, between festive Thanksgiving dinners, countless holiday parties and raucous New Year”s celebrations.  But after the holiday cheer dissipates, most of us are left with that unwelcome side effect of our boozy excesses: the hangover. While some people swear by the effectiveness […]

Are you impulsive, depressed, anxious or feel like you just can’t get on an exercise schedule you can adhere to? If you are one of the 68 percent of Americans who are overweight or obese, and can relate to any of the above sentence, your personality can be partially what’s keeping you from maintaining a […]

Sometimes you may just want a drink; it calms you down, or takes the edge off — or maybe it’s just for fun. But when you start using alcohol to always feel better, you’re going to have a problem. And those with preexisting conditions like anxiety disorders might think a few drinks to calm nerves […]

Out-of-the-blue or spontaneous panic attacks may not be as spontaneous as they sound. A recent study found that unexpected attacks are actually preceded by measurable changes in the nervous system. Even if you aren’t consciously aware that a panic attack is imminent, your body shows subtle signs that it is preparing for one. If confirmed, […]

Hair loss has been found to be an unfortunate side effect of divorce for some women. It seems that financial woes, heartache and a blow to the self esteem aren’t the only hardships that come from a failed marriage. Recent research suggests that while genetics still plays the largest role in hair loss, stress such […]

Alzheimer’s is certainly one of the most frightening diseases.  While early diagnosis and treatment can have an impact on several types of cancer, Alzheimer’s disease continues to resist the efforts of researchers to find effective treatments. There is, however, a “but” in Alzheimer’s dismal profile: small steps are being made to relieve at least some of […]

Stress may affect you at a microscopic level, according to new research.  This recent study reveals that exposure to a stressor can significantly change the community of microbiota living in your body. What are microbiota exactly? They are microorganisms that live on the surface and in deep layers of skin, in the saliva and mucous […]